LAVAMAR S.A. was founded in 1986 in the city of A Coruna, Spain.

The company is established with the aim of developing its business in the field of textile finishing, focussing on processes of washing and dyeing on ready-made garment. Nowadays, with 30 years of experience, LAVAMAR is a leader in its sector and has the recognition and trust of leading international brands.

LAVAMAR has a development and production center with an area of over 5,000 square meters, equipped with the latest technologies and automation systems in plant and machinery processing. The plant has a production capacity of 45,000 garments daily between different dyeing and washing processes to be performed.

The concepts of innovation and development within a sustainable framework are part of our corporate culture. It is intended to provide our technical and production team training and technological means to encourage pro activity and continuous generation of new processes and products in the textile finishing industry.

Our services

Lab Dips

Production of any colour sample in various sizes.

Garment Samples

Washing and dyeing of any garment sample to achieve any particular finish, look and effect.

Bulk Production

Large productions of washing, dyeing and special effects.


Printing on garment.


Ironing, labelling, security labelling and bulk packaging.


Organization of all logistics catered for.

Daily processing capacity of garments
Dyeing capacity
Daily samples production
Washing capacity

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Business commitment to reducing the environmental impact generated by our processes based on optimizing production efficiency and use of the latest technology.

Strict compliance with the legislative labor standards defined in our social and legislative environment.


Constant reduction of water resources through continued process optimization.


Energy optimization through the use of the latest technology

Labour Force

Strict legislative compliance.

Reduction of environmental impact

Through continuous work in the areas of research and development of Lavamar, and with the adaptation of technological improvements, the following consumption have significantly been reduced in the last ten years:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Chemicals
Reduction in water consumption
Reduction of power consumption
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Reduction in the use of chemicals